Do you need to monitor the introductions of bills at the State Capitol?
Are you interested in watching special legislation by topic or subject matter?  We can perform this function for you and report to you on a regular established basis.

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special events

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There is an old saying that “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.”
Having been around the State Capitol since 1975 as a legislative staffer, special assistant to a governor, and as a lobbyist since 1983, Gary would have to agree.  Good causes and good ideas need professional assistance at the Capitol. Capitol Connections can provide that type of coverage and representation.

Do you have a convention, monthly meeting, board
meeting, or golf outing to be scheduled and carried out?
Large or small events, we can provide this service on a one-time basis or retain

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Bridging The Gap Between Minnesota Government and Business

Do you need an Executive Director or Executive Administrator to manage the day-to-day activities or functions of an association or small business, including the financial records?  Capitol Connections can provide the services you looking for on a monthly retainer basis

association management

Do you need a speaker for the Rotary Club? Lions?
Ladies Aid? We can provide a speaker for your event or function..

Do you need a press release or a press conference?
Need a guest editorial or letter to the editor written?
Again, professional assistance is the way to go in this area in order to get your best message across in a clear logical way. Capitol Connections can provide these services.